It’s the last day of Term 1, 2014. Congratulations on a successful and prosperous 10 weeks of school. You have all been wonderful students and I’m already looking forward to Term 2. Have a safe and happy holiday! Happy Easter 5K!



  1. Hey Mr Kelly,
    Thankyou for an amazing term 1. We had an amazing Term 1 with a heap of laughs (sneezy and shnorty) can’t wait for the rest of the year. You are one of the best teachers that I can have a laugh with without us both taking it seriously. And we have the same personality and everything.
    Have a Happy Easter!!
    Lots of love from Shnorty!!

  2. Hey Mr Kelly, Thank you for an amazing term 1, I am really looking forward
    to next term with all of your fantastic ideas and seeing my friends again for another term. Happy Easter!
    All the best
    From Sienna R

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